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About Me

My love of all things creative grew from an early age, as young as four years old, and since then has only been growing.

Graphite drawing was almost exclusively the area of my concentration right up until GCSE level at school. It was at this stage that I was introduced to 3D Modelling, using a program called Cinema4D. It was also at this point that my drawing skills began being pushed by my teacher.

At GCSE level I received an A grade for Art, alongside this my Cinema4D skills were growing and it was quickly becoming my primary focus. To aid the 3D work I had to learn basic image editing skills in Photoshop.

Progressing now to take my A levels, I combined all of these new found techniques with graphite drawing, experimenting with mixtures of them all. This was also the first time I had been made to draw the human form, it was at this stage that my love of portrait drawing was discovered.

After producing many portraits, in an inconceivably short time, I managed an A grade at A level. Due to the time constraints limiting my exploration of new techniques in graphite drawing, I decided that continuing on to study Art at university would be a bad idea, and to keep it a hobby.

So instead I combined 3D modelling, Photoshop and drawing with my interest in Physics and Design, and decided to study Virtual Engineering. A new skill in CAD evolved, particularly with Dassault Systemes’ CATIA package.

My time at university resulted in a progression of my understanding and skills in all fields of Art, and through a lot of hard work, I subsequently received a First Class Honours Degree.


As well as academic, there are a number of other things that I consider to be achievements.

The quality of my drawings has been recognised by the author of the book entitled "Amazing Pencil Portraits", in which two pieces of mine have been published.

More recently the graphite drawing of Angelina Jolie, "Angelina's Apple", got through a tough selection and made it through to the final stage of the Rugby Open Art Competition. Whilst being judged for the Rugby Open, the piece was on show in Rugby Art Gallery for several weeks.

The render below of the red Epiphone SG Guitar, produced in Cinema4D, was selected to be one of the 'Daily Deviations' on the massively popular deviantArt.com art site. In the image below you can see a screen capture of the render in situ on deviantArt.com.

Red Epiphone SG Render